United Ethiopians for Peace and Reconciliation (UE4PR) Statement on the incident at Gulliso and other places

In the last few years, Ethnic-based violent conflicts have led to the displacement of thousands of Ethiopians across the country. These have caused injuries, suffering and unnecessary loss of lives of innocent people. These horrific actions have also caused damage to properties and livelihoods, and shattered dreams of many Ethiopians.

The people in the villages and towns have coexisted peacefully for centuries until different political groups, armed and unarmed, started promoting their ethnic agenda, stalking hate, and instigating deadly conflicts. According to different sources, on 1st of November 2020, at Gulliso, Western Wollega Oromia Zone, innocent villagers were called to an unofficial, fake meeting. Those who showed up, were ambushed using automatic weapons and explosives, and murdered in cold blood. This incident was the most deplorable act of terror. In a multiethnic community, it is saddening to learn that the perpetrators identified people based on their ethnicity and religion, tortured, and killed them. This is inhumane and against all international norms.

This incident was one of the most deplorable terrorist acts that the country has experienced in recent months targeting mostly the minority Amharas who have lived in the area for many decades. Ethiopia, according to history has not experienced such level of atrocity among its citizens.

As UE4PR, we were shocked, saddened and are worried that such incidents might have a negative impact on the social fabric of the citizens of Ethiopia. 

We denounce, in the strongest terms, such acts of terror on innocent civilians. We kindly request, defenders of human rights, promoters of peace and reconciliation,  and those who stand for social justice to join us in condemning these horrific acts of terror; as such acts will shock and destabilize the cultural and moral values that are embedded among Ethiopians.

We are confident that the Gulliso and other similar incidents will not happen again. We are also confident that our fellow Ethiopians will keep an eye and monitor that the relationship among themselves will remain intact as they have been in the past.


We, as UE4PR, would like to appeal to

  1. The Government of Ethiopia
    1. to continue the identification of groups and individuals who have committed such crimes and take appropriate measures to enforce law and order to protect civilians as well as all citizens who live in different parts of Ethiopia.  
    2. to provide the victims with reliable and sustainable security protection as they move back to their communities.
    3. to provide the victims with the means to continue and sustain their livelihood which were destroyed during the attack.

We, as UE4PR would like to request:

  1. Local and international human right organizations to carry out an independent investigation of the atrocities committed in different parts of Ethiopia. 
  2. International humanitarian organizations to support the reintegration of the victims back to their communities.
  3. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other intergovernmental organizations to collaborate with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the government in their investigations.


  1. We call on all Ethiopians at home and the diaspora to refrain from using inflammatory messages, rather to promote peace, reconciliation, coexistence, and mutual respect, in building a peaceful and democratic Ethiopia.
  2. We, as United Ethiopians for Peace and Reconciliation (UE4PR) will do whatever we can within our capacity, to support the reintegration of the displaced and to sustain peace.

 May the Creator bless Ethiopia!

 United Ethiopians for Peace and Reconciliation (UE4PR)

 United Kingdom

05 November 2020

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