United Ethiopians Digital Action Taskforce

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While we respect the freedom of expression we are against any digital action which
promotes hate and violence in Ethiopia and among Ethiopians.
Our proposed activities are:
1. Digital Data Management
-To collect and track digital media contents and filter true and fake news.
-To keep the data recordings and collect evidence on those media outlets which are
used to instigate violence and hate in Ethiopia.
-To evaluate/analyse the data and forward the information to public and
government organisations
2. Advocate legal action against those who use the media to promote hate and
-To provide information to the regulatory bodies about the digital media content
written in different Ethiopian languages if it instigate violence and hate
-To work closely with Facebook, Tweeter, You tube, WhatsApp and Histogram and
google seeking their support for Ethiopian peace and stability
3. Use of digital technology to reach out the public in large scale
– To provide education to wider public on Ethiopiawinet and its common values
– To provide advice and counselling to the youth of the university students who has
been traumatised with recent violence and fatalities occurred in the campus and
Ethiopain cities and towns.
-To broadcast short video and also by creating a video link with different Universities
in Ethiopia provide seminars on stress management
-Facilitate online counselling to those who are affected psychologically by using
–To create our own United Ethiopian digital media outlet pages on Facebook,
YouTube and website pages.
4. Digital action in protecting Ethiopian Interest at international platform
-Actively encouraging every Ethiopians to write about issues which arise on our
-To publish and republish Ethiopian right and sovereignty in using its own water
resource on the Nile dispute.
-To publish facts and refute one sided article which are favouring Egyptians stand.
-Belligerently publish the real facts of Ethiopians determination to overcome poverty
and provide electricity and water to its 110million people but not to hurt Egypt or
downstream countries.

To publish this in multiple international languages for the rest of the world to
provide a well-adjusted information (Arabic, English, Portuguese, French , Spanish,
Germany Russian and Chinese)
5. Using IT technologists to sway search engines on the word Ethiopia
-To use IT techniques to improve the quality of information about Ethiopia by public

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