Mission Statement
‘To advocate and promote Peace and Unity; and to strengthen National identity based on mutual respect and equality among all citizens of Ethiopia, in-spite  of their religious and Ethnic backgrounds’


1 To promote peace among Ethiopians in Ethiopia and the diaspora by the following means:
A. Education and awareness   creation on  the value of peace
B. Running and facilitating dialogues,  reconciliation and mediation meetings
C. Involving  religious and community Leaders
D. Through art and  use of media
E. Soliciting support from stake holders and the international community for building peace in Ethiopia and among the Ethiopian diaspora
2. To Promote unity and Ethiopian identity in Ethiopia and the diaspora based on mutual respect
A. Organising and participating in events promoting Ethiopian histories, cultures, and other events such as planning for an “Ethiopian Day” as to jointly celebrate our unity.
B. Promoting the usage of constructive critical  language, discourage divisive discourses and hate speeches in both open public forums and social media
C. Link  and collaborate with other civic organisations that shares similar missions in  promoting  Ethiopian unity and strengthen National identity
D. use  all Ethiopian languages to promote “Ethiopiawinet “ and encourage others to recognise and appreciate the beauty and diversity of our languages
E. Facilitate inter and intra dialogues among religious and ethnic groups of Ethiopia and the diaspora