Egypt, Sudan Desperately Trying to Prevent Second Filling of GERD

April 29/2021(ENA)

Egypt and Sudan, which have been utilizing various tactics to disrupt the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), are desperately trying to prevent the second filling of the dam, scholars noted.

Both attempts are unacceptable as the GERD has been commissioned and built in line with the Declaration of Principles (DoP) that was signed between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, they added.

Ethiopian Management Academy Associate Professor, Wondaferahu Mulugeta said Sudan and Egypt are hopelessly working to stop the second round filling as Ethiopia overcomes internal and external obstacles that hinder the development of the mutually beneficial project.

The associate professor pointed out that they are delaying the trilateral negotiations, inciting internal conflicts in Ethiopia, and putting pressure on the country.

The two countries “do not want to live in peace as we could then start thinking about growth and development. Their mission has been to destabilize Ethiopia. They left no stone unturned, but we were able to finish about 80 percent construction of the dam,” he noted.  

Furthermore, he pointed out that Egypt and Sudan are doing their level best to put pressure on Ethiopia to sign a binding agreement before the second filling of the dam in this rainy season  because they know that the second round filling of the dam is a turning point.

“The turning point for GERD is the upcoming rainy season. Once 13.5 billion cubic meters is impounded, we are going to have about 20 billion cubic meters of water.”

According to Wondaferahu, “what is expected from the Government of Ethiopia is to use its water resources in a reasonable and equitable way without causing a significant harm on others. The world is watching this. I think things will change and we need to work on diplomacy; we need to make our citizens enhance their support to the dam.”

All the three parties need to resolve their differences and continue negotiating in good faith to benefit from this giant dam and grow together.

“As they claim, Nile is everything for them. But it is more than everything for us,” the associate professor underlined.

He further stressed that “it is cooperation, agreement and consensus that lead to growth and development in this 21st century. I am sure that Sudan and Egypt will change their strategy after the second round filling.”

Negotiator of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Professor Yilma Sileshi said the two countries are working to destabilize Ethiopia by putting pressure from inside and outside and disrupt the dam.

“There is a problem everywhere with the creation of internal turmoil. But many countries are being challenged when these things are backed up by money, media and others means. We are in this. They are clearly doing this. There thinking goes like this: if we widen the differences, the country will fall into a never-ending cycle of relapse and this is a good way for our water to flow continuously,” the professor elaborated.

Professor Yilma also noted that Egypt and Sudan are plotting to stop Ethiopia’s development.  The Government of Ethiopia and every citizen should understand this and work together for the sovereignty and stability of the country by narrowing down and resolving internal differences through dialogue.

Furthermore, he underlined that the three countries must reach an agreement on the use of the Nile River in cooperation and fairness, without any interference from others.

Source: ENA

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