Dear friends of United Ethiopians for Peace and Reconciliation (UE4PR)

Due to the global outbreak of COVID-19 we have put on hold most of our activities. However, as
United Ethiopians we have been working on the following:

1. COVID-19 we have formed two task forces which works in the UK with our diaspora community
and with Ethiopian government to tackle the challenges associated to COVID-19. At present in
collaboration with Ethiopians for Ethiopians (E4E) in UK and Ethiopian Medical Doctors Association in
UK (EMDA UK) by using virtual media and social media platforms we are providing public awareness,
knowledge exchange advice and counselling services for our community. The second taskforce, in
collaboration with Global Knowledge Exchange Network (GKEN) has started deliberation how to
work with the government of Ethiopia.

2. Grand Renaissance Dam of Ethiopia (GERD) we have been discussing and planning how to be
involved in public diplomacy to thwart the negative diplomacy of Egypt and promote the position of
the Ethiopian government which is improving the livelihood of Ethiopians. Therefore,

  •  we encourage our members and Ethiopian experts to write about GRED in different
  •  extend an invitation to all of us to participate in creating awareness, sharing information on
    the economic and social conditions of Ethiopians, how GERD, the project on river Nile
    (Abaye) is critical for changing the dire living conditions and improve human and economic
    developments of Ethiopia. That GERD is lifeline and a matter of survival for the 114 million
  • we are developing a program on a rolling basis to reach out the international community
    about GERD, using digital media and virtual campaign (slated the last week of June), panel
    discussion (July), and mobilise financial resources.

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